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We all have the power to change the tomorrow of these children

“Share for a Child” is a trusted name for helping the impoverished and helpless children in our society by their platform. We have been working on this project since 2019 onwards to make every child's childhood happy and playful. At present we are continuously discovering and managing needful resources from various institutions or ways for these helpless and impoverished children. Other frequently asked question from us are :

Answer: “Share for a Child” is a platform launched by Aadhavan Foundation for helping the helpless and poor children in our Society.

Answer: As we were working since 2000 towards helping these children. We saw so many kind hearted and good will people like you who also wanted to help these children with needful items. We established this platform for those people.

Answer: You can share toys, books and other needful things for children by just going on the share button on our website’s home page.

Answer: As we know that these children are living a very impoverished life. They even can't access the needful things in their life. If we show some support then they can also have a happy and joyful childhood.

Answer: As we are working hard to manage and discover new resources to help these poor children since 2000. We are a recognized organization who is dedicated to help and change the lives of these impoverished children.