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Share for a Child is an initiative of the Aadhavan Foundation 

Aadhavan Foundation is a non for profit organization working towards child welfare with a vision that every child in this world is precious and it is the duty of every human being to protect and nurture children born on this mother earth.

"Human life is the greatest gift of nature to this universe and Children are its foundation. The continuity & reproduction of life on Earth is a beautiful compliment to this universe. We believe that there is no better way to thank this universe in exchange for the beautiful life given to us, than to enrich, nurture & carefully carve the most precious & wonderful thing of this universe which are 'children'."



As proud parents, we are privileged to give everything to our child for its proper development & growth but the same is not the case with everyone and this gives a sense of sadness. We believe that everyone in our circle and similar families like us always want to do something and contribute towards the welfare of underprivileged children and the betterment of society at large but do not get enough ways or approaches on how, where & when to do it.

Aadhavan Foundation is a platform for all such individuals & families who want to do something for the betterment of child development and contribute in the way they want to.

If we as privileged parents can also contribute a little in the development of an underprivileged child in parallel to our own child then we believe that nothing is better to pay our respect & gratitude to this universe which has given us everything one could aspire from life.


To see every child taken birth on this motherland grow a playful life by ensuring basic facilities, opportunities for food, living & learning available to even the most impoverished child of the land to empower them to become an asset to the nation.



To collaborate and seek the cooperation of all the privileged families and individuals who always aspire to do something for society but do not get enough resources or ways to do it and bring them together on the common platform for child development and do a collective effort in making every child an asset to the nation.

  1. To design the welfare program in a planned, structured & organized way to make these activities simpler for all the desirous people who want to contribute to society so that these activities become part of everyone’s day-to-day life.
  2. To spread the awareness & message in the society that every child is an asset to this nation and careful development of every child is highly important for the growth & successful progression of individual family, nation & society.
  3. To try to make everyone recognize that child development is a serious affair for any nation and can’t be taken with a casual approach.
  4. To try to realize every privileged family can also do their bit the contribution of the development of this nation by helping out in whatever way they can for the welfare of the underprivileged children who do not have the opportunities and facilities available from their family which a privileged family can offer to their child. 



Aadhavan Foundation is a very special organization that is wholly dedicated to child welfare & its development including providing all help to underprivileged children right from birth. In order to achieve its vision, goals following specific objectives are identified in the area of Child Development to work on:

  1. Working towards increasing child life expectancy up to 1 year from birth.
  2. Setup Children/baby care up to a period of 1 year from the birth.
  3. To open daycare/ crèche schools in the high habitation area, especially for children of daily wage workers, and domestic help.
  4. To work towards lowering malnutrition & starvation in impoverished children.
  5. To work towards children's elementary education.
  6. To work towards children's health & vaccination services.
  7. To design a toddler program for underprivileged children & for their development.
  8. To design innovative & creative learning programs to boost interest in children for learning & education.
  9. To work towards providing protective shelter to homeless children.
  10. To work towards developing a model to give a strong early-age foundation to children.
  11. Establish, facilitate, and/or assist temporary places of safety for children in need of care and protection.
  12. Assist the promotion of the family by reducing and mitigating the effects of disruption of relationships.
  13. Promote, encourage, or assist any measures such as skills-building, instruction, awareness, and advocacy calculated to improve conditions of family life.
  14. Coordinate, collaborate, and network with any other persons, governmental, non-governmental, and faith-based organizations with a special focus on identification, registration, and tracing, as well as family and community reunification and reintegration of children in disaster, conflict, and emergency situations and institutional care.
  15. Ensure protection, care, and development of child-headed families.
  16. Promote foster care, guardianship, and adoption as a last resort.
  17. To organize programs for imparting knowledge of the importance of guardianship.
  18. To organize programs for imparting knowledge to women & mothers for proper child care & development.
  19. Improve the standard of living of children and their families by mobilizing and managing resources from income-generating activities, donations from individuals, international and civil society organizations, governments, the business sector, and others.
  20. Working towards eradicating gender discrimination.
  21. To promote and inculcate the spirit of Bharat and its cultural heritage.
  22. To promote & inculcate patriotism in the children.
  23. To develop soft skills in the children by developing such programs.